Bottled Water Market is Growing

The United States bottled water market is on the rise. The bottled water industry is currently a $16 billion market and is expected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 8% while the non-alcoholic beverage market is a $180 billion industry and growing at a low single-digit rate. William Blair consumer analysts uncovered several reasons for this growth.

Consumers consider quality, convenience, health and wellness when choosing a beverage. An increased awareness of health from consumers contributed to the growth with a majority of Americans knowing they should drink more water and even more Americans believing that bottled water is a healthy and convenient beverage option. Americans are also supporting bottled water vs tap water because of quality issue. In Chicago specifically, it was reported that 70% of homes tested positive for lead and 3 out of 10 of those had levels that exceeded the FDA limit. In North Carolina, unsafe levels of unregulated compounds were found, which can increase the risk of cancer and birth defects and in Connecticut, elevated levels of haloacetic acids were found which can cause skin irritations and heightened cancer risks.

Read more about William Blair’s report.

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