Mercy Home Student Excels After Tragedy

Mercy Home for Boys and Girls provides a safe home for children in need, such as recent success story,  Brenda. Brenda came from a loving family but they had their struggles. Her mother dealt with mental health issues but always did her best to provide for Brenda and her sister. However, things changed when Brenda was 12 and her sister was tragically killed in a car accident. The family was devastated, stricken with grief, and  Brenda’s mother lost the ability to care for her. Because of this, Brenda was sent to live with her grandparents who also were deeply affected by her sister’s death. Her grandparents were very strict and terrified something would also happen to Brenda. They rarely let her out of their sight, which sometimes even extended to not letting her attend school. Brenda learned about Mercy Home from a school counselor and together they decided that it would be a good fit.

When Brenda arrived at Mercy Home, she was behind in school and lacked self-confidence. She had a personal goal to finish 8th grade on time, even though it would be a significant challenge. With the help of the Mercy Home tutors, she got to work and made up all of her missing assignments. By the end of the year, she had reached her goal and graduated 8th grade with the rest of her class.

Today, Brenda is working to gain her self-confidence back, learning how to become financially responsible by writing resumes and applying for jobs. Brenda has become a leader amongst her peers and has a very bright future ahead of her.

To learn how you can help children like Brenda, visit https://www.mercyhome.org/

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