Massive Infrastructure Spending Plan Sparks Conversations, Driving Future Opportunity

The presidential administration created a goal of implementing a $1.5 trillion infrastructure framework. The plan has sparked numerous conversations as has subsequently created significant excitement and optimism throughout the infrastructure services industry. The logistics of the plan haven’t been finalized but many experts in the industry believe that the success of the plan will be dictated by the private sector and the role it will play in funding and executing future projects.

Throughout the last six months, many of the largest publicly traded engineering and construction companies have seen increased expectations in M&A activity because of the recent increased performance of broader equity markets. Meanwhile, the infrastructure services industry has maintained its ability to deliver a strong financial performance, backed by an ideal transportation spending outlook and positive volume trends.

When compared to the positive macroeconomic backdrop, recent trends and fluctuations are fostering evolution and growth amongst infrastructure services as the industry responds to the changing demands and new market pressures. The Public-Private Partnership (P3) Conference & Expo in Dallas educated companies on how they can successfully adapt to the changing environment and new market trends.

The P3 conference featured nearly 65 exhibitors and more than 1,350 attendees. The William Blair team presented at the conference attended several different presentations and were apart of many conversations with executives and key decision-makers at the conference. Together the team examined several of the most pressing opportunities and challenges facing the infrastructure services industry. The team evaluated the impact these trends will have on dealmaking and capital-raising activity in the infrastructure services industry.

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