CIS In School for Kids: Reunion

At each one of CIS Chicago’s 135 partner schools, they provide a range of high-quality programs in the arts, college and career preparation, health, and mental health and wellness fields. Through their work, they have identified these programs coincide with the type of support the Chicago public schools need. Unfortunately, these programs aren’t often utilized to their fullest by schools and families due to common challenges in these school communities.

CIS of Chicago attempts to place a full-time staff member at each of these schools to provide intensive support to 40-50 children that have been identified as at high risk of dropping out. This individual support can include goal-setting, life-coaching and clinical counseling. Ultimately, CIS of Chicago aims to surround students with a community of support to help them stay in school and on track to graduate.

To exemplify how one caring adult can make a difference in the life of a student, watch five students sit down and talk about the impact their CIS Students Supports Managers have had on their lives.

Communities In Schools (CIS) of Chicago works in schools every day to surround students with a community of support empowering students to succeed. CIS of Chicago places caring adults in schools to work with kids at risk of dropping out. Learn more about their work at here.


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