PlanetEcosystems: Transforming the Utility Service Industry

PlanetEcosystems (PEI) assists in the development of engaging relationships of utility service providers with their industry consumers.  PEI was founded in 2009 by V. Rory Jones and Stephen Malloy after the duo realized that utility industry customer’s experience could use significant improvements.  After this realization, the two saw an opportunity in the non-utility players increased attraction of the utility industry.  The technological advancements occurring at this time were transforming the home management industry.  Jones and Malloy responded with the creation of a SaaS CRM platform that would eventually redefine the utility service industry.  

Jones and Malloy developed PEI’s ‘P-ECOSYS’ utility customer engagement platform with the intention of increasing the actual and perceived value of the services utility industry consumers received. They leveraged their advanced technological capabilities and provided a comprehensive compilation of interactive web-based tools which included a proprietary utility system optimization technology that delivers its users tens of thousands of dollars in net cumulative savings on top of impactful project management and social engagement capabilities.  

As a result, PEI maintains highly-valued customer experiences through the functionality of their proprietary algorithm.  To ensure quality, customer’s home utility systems are remotely analyzed and a comprehensive plan is then established to deliver tens of thousands of dollars in net savings maximising home comfort and minimizing carbon footprints.

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