William Blair’s Community Involvement

Community engagement is becoming increasingly important to companies worldwide and has become an integral part of any sustainable business approach.  As a result of this, companies are becoming more involved in their local neighborhoods increasing their social responsibility efforts. William Blair is no stranger to community involvement, supporting graduation and college preparation initiatives, mentoring programs and the development of new computer labs – to name a few. Corporate community engagement has the ability to strengthen employee and team skills, while simultaneously improving local communities. As Adweek reported, research has proven that consumers have begun to base their buying decisions on corporate social responsibility. Ninety percent of consumers worldwide are likely to switch to companies that support a good cause, given similar price and quality.

William Blair has recognized the positive repercussions social responsibility has on a community and business through an array of philanthropic involvement and support. One example of William Blair and its employees’ impact on their community came with their involvement in the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. William Blair’s Global Head of M&A, Mark Brady, has served as a board member for the Mercy Home.  Last winter, Brady helped to involve William Blair employees in a holiday giving campaign with the Mercy Home. The event had a profound impact and left those involved wanting to increase their involvement. “It was great for the William Blair team to be involved in something like this where they were able to see the results and impact they had so quickly,” said Mark Brady. While some businesses see social responsibility as a reputational imperative, William Blair has adopted it into their culture’s status quo.

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